How Can Mdintouch help?

MDinTouch's Certified Professional Trainers can help give your new (and existing) staff 100% training on all aspects of Practice Fusion.

Our remote-based training is a live session which is far superior to watching video libraries or a webinar.  Sessions can be scheduled one-on-one with different members of your staff or in a class room style settings.

We can help you achieve MACRA/MIPS, improve practice communication & productivity, and get the highest return on investment from your EHR.

Why Practice Fusion?

Practice Fusion stands out in a marketplace cluttered by expensive and complicated EHR systems. It is the fastest growing Electronic Health Records community in the country with more than 120,000 users serving 31 million patients and growing every day!  This community exceeds the size of Kaiser Permanente and the Veteran’s Administration combined.