FREE Medical Transcription Promotion

Why spend hours typing your SOAP notes at night or the weekend when you can simply dictate and have MDinTouch Medical Transcriptionists do the work for you!

Sign up for MDinTouch's EMR Medical Billing Service between now and October 31, 2016 and receive 30 dictated minutes worth of transcription for FREE per month for an entire year!*

Save over an hour a day by dictating your HPI, Assessment and Plan vs. typing them today!

*Includes toll-free telephone dictation system.  There will be no charge for the first 30 dictated minutes per monthly invoice.  Dictated minutes beyond free minutes (30+) will be charged at $1.99 per dictated minute.  All minutes are trackable via the MDWebtop portal.  This promotion is limited to new MDinTouch medical billing customers.  Offer expires 10/31/2016.