Who is mdintouch?

MDinTouch was founded in 1999 and is based out of South Florida.  We have over 10,000 satisfied Provider customers across the US. MDinTouch specializes in providing quality medical billing services and technology to help streamline and improve the financial health of medical practices. MDinTouch also provides medical transcription and Dragon Medical speech recognition solutions to its Providers to help streamline their clinical documentation.

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What Practice Management (PM)/ Medical Billing do you use?

MDinTouch uses a state of the art Practice Management (PM) platform.  This PM provides medical billing features and functionality that complements Electronic Health Records (like Practice Fusion and Elation Health) via a seamless interface. MDinTouch offers all its billing customers a free, complimentary billing software account with insurance eligibility checks.

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How does the interface between An EMR Like Practice fusion and Free Billing Software pm work?

Once your EMR account is integrated with the free billing software, a new Superbill feature will be available to your Providers.  Specify your patient demograhics, insurance and enter your CPT / ICD-10 codes and withing seconds your Superbill is transferred to the billing software PM.

This integrated solution eliminates any time consuming and labor intensive manual data entry you may be experiencing today with two disconnected systems.

What medical billing services does MDinTouch provide?

MDinTouch provides full revenue cycle management billing services.  Services include:

  • Fast and efficient electronic claim submissions

  • Automatic payment posting (ERA/EOB)

  • Patient statements and collections

  • Denial and rejection management to ensure maximum reimbursement

  • Follow up on all outstanding insurance claims

  • Online financial summary reports to measure the financial health of your practice

  • Contract management reports to monitor your actual payer reimbursements

  • Coding feedback

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Why should I use MDinTouch for my billing services?

MDinTouch is focused on providing high quality professional services to all its Providers.  Our very reliable medical billing staff is certified with many years of experience in multi-specialties and is 100% US-based.

As a Practice Fusion Premier Certified Consultant (ranked #1 in the US.),  Kareo Premier Medical Billing Partner and Elation Health partner, we are experts in the platforms you are using (or soon to be using).  There is no learning curve for us.  We are ready to go with all your billing needs as of Day 1.  In fact, MDinTouch provides both Provider and staff training if you are new to either Practice Fusion or Free Billing Software.

Using another EMR? No problem. Let us know what you have and there is a good change we can interface with it. If not, our free billing software has a web-based easy-to-use charge entry app. Learn more

As an MDinTouch customer you will also have a dedicated billing account manager that is always available to you for assistance with all your practice's billing needs on a day to day basis.

How do I transition my billing to MDinTouch?  How long does it take?


MDinTouch has a simple and proven six step implementation process that on average can take two to four weeks. Commercial insurances can be ready in as little as one week (sometimes faster).  

Medicare and Medicaid have been known to take a little longer.  This is dependent upon how quickly the data interchange processes at the payer level.

After an agreement has been completed, an implementation kick-off meeting is scheduled.  In this meeting, MDinTouch's implementation manager will collect the information needed to sign up and configure your practice as well as assign dates for training and go-live.

MDinTouch Implementation Steps:

  • Step 1: Customer information and requirements are gathered

  • Step 2: Installation and configuration of software

  • Step 3: Integration and testing of your EMR and Free Billing Software

  • Step 4: Remote Training services for Provider / Staff

  • Step 5: Monitored Go-live

  • Step 6: Independence

Will MDinTouch process old unpaid claims (A/R) that my previous billing company didn't complete?

MDinTouch understands that there are situations where you do not want your previous billing company or employee to close out existing unpaid claims (existing A/R).  This is most likely the reason you are looking to change to a new billing service provider.

MDinTouch does have a good history of helping Providers successfully process and collect payment for existing A/R.  

How long is MDinTouch's billing agreement?  If things don't work out how can I cancel?

MDinTouch's Billing Agreement has a standard one year term with a 60-day cancellation notice clause.  Upon cancellation, Provider will be able to download all their patient financials via billing software as PDF or Excel files.

Once you switch my practice over to The Free billing software, do I still need my old PM system?

Once you are up and running on the billing software you would only need your old system while you close out your existing A/R. After clearing out all claims from your old billing software, you will no longer need it, unless you wish to keep your old patient financials for archive purposes.

I already have a Kareo PM account, how do we proceed if we sign up with MDinTouch?

If you prefer to keep your existing Kareo account, simply discuss this with your Implementation Manager and they will provide the appropriate steps for you to give access to MDinTouch.

If you would like to use MDinTouch's Free billing software account then we will assist with the migration.  Once this migration is complete and new claims begin to flow into your new billing software account, you can cancel your old Kareo account once existing A/R has been closed out.

Do you have any customer testimonials I can review?

Yes we do.  Please visit our testimonials website page to see all the wonderful things our customers and partners have said about us over the years:


How much do your medical billing services cost?

MDinTouch offers affordable packages starting at only 2.99% See package details here.

I like what I see, what is the next step? How do I sign up?

MDinTouch welcomes the opportunity to partner with you and help improve the financial health of your practice with our amazing team of billers and innovative technology.

If you would like to learn more or are ready to sign up, simply contact us at 866-774-0002 ext 1 or sales@mdintouch.com. We'll do a quick practice assessment and will be happy to present you with a proposal.

What is Practice Fusion?

Practice Fusion is a web-based Electronic Health Record that is very easy-to-use and ONC-ATCB certified for MACRA/MIPS (aka CMS EHR Incentive Program). With over 150,000 medical professionals using Practice Fusion, MDinTouch chose to become a Practice Fusion Certified Consultant and specialize in helping Providers adopt this very affordable and feature-rich EHR.

Practice Fusion (the company that created the Practice Fusion EHR) was founded in 2005 and is based out of San Francisco, CA. Click to learn more!

What is your relationship with Practice Fusion?

MDinTouch is a Practice Fusion Premier Certified Consultant (ranked #1 in the U.S.) and has helped hundreds of Providers with full practice implementation including:

  • Practice and User Creation

  • HW / Internet Bandwidth Checks

  • Content Build with Template / Macro Customization

  • Dragon Medical Training and Integration

  • Patient Demographics Import

  • E-Prescribing / Lab Order Interface Setup

  • Practice Management / Billing Integration

  • Physician and Staff Training