Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4

Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 4 accurately translates the doctor's voice into a rich, detailed clinical narrative that feeds directly into the EHR.  Improve documentation, boost efficiency, increase physician satisfaction, and eliminate transcription costs.


Dragon Medical significantly enhances medical charting within your EMR, especially within the Past Medical History and Narrative sections.  Instead of typing, Providers simply dictate directly into their EMR and Dragon Medical does the speech-to-text conversion for them providing significant time savings.

Providers leverage Dragon Medical for the narrative portions of a patient encounter (i.e. HPI, Assessment and Plan) which can be difficult to capture with a generic template and can also take a long time to type.  Statistically one can dictate approximately 120 words per minute and only type 40 words per minute.  Using Dragon Medical a Provider can document these narrative portions three times faster than typing!